Hog Roast Machines

Enjoy the benefits of our fantastic Platinum range, one of the most sophisticated hog roasting machines currently on the market, when you buy a hog roaster from us. Designed by professional caters, with years of experience in hog and spit roasting, our machines have dual cooking capacity with upper and lower level cooking spaces. This means you can beautifully slow-cook your meat up top and keep side dishes and vegetables warm down below.

Hog Roasters Are Ideal For Large Events

With dual gastronomies on the side too, you can ‘perfect’ your roasting temperature as you go, great for speeding up the cooking process when you need to.

Each machine is well-equipped to cook for over one hundred guests, which makes it ideal for large events – just make sure you get yourself a big enough hog! They’re now just fantastic at cooking either, they look great too. Made from stainless steel and with a handy viewing panel, you can create a real spectacle whether you serve from the roasting tray or straight from the spit.

We have four upper level cooking kits to choose from to transform your roasting machine: the hog roasting kit, spit roasting kit, chicken spit roasting kit and BBQ set. Whichever extension you choose, our Platinum roaster is extremely versatile.